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Marios Chr. Papaloizou

Mr. Marios Papaloizou was born in 1981 in Nicosia. He joined the Law Office in 2013 and he is now head of the office. 

Education: Marios obtained his law degree from the Law Faculty of the University of Athens in 2007.


Practice Areas: Corporate & Commercial Law, IT Law, Banking Law, Contract and Business Law

Professional Activities: He was an active member of the Athens Bar Association until 2010 and now is a Member of Cyprus Bar Association. Before joining our firm in 2013, Marios worked as a “Legal Associate Professional” at Giannakis Er. Ioannou LLC - Legal Consultants of the "Bank of Cyprus (Greece)", Athens (Greece) dealing with Banking and Business Law issues. Marios is a “Representative” of Tyhol Business Consulting S.L. and he is affiliated and close associate of Sky Cashback Consulting Ltd and FEOD Group.

Marios is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and the Nicosia Bar Association.


Foreign Languages: English


Christos A. Gkountras

Mr. Christos Gkountras was born in 1980 in Athens, Greece. He joined the Law Office in 2021 as a Senior Associate.

Education: Christos obtained his law degree (LLB. Hons) from the Manchester Metropolitan University in United Kingdom in 2005, when he returned to Greece to practice law.


Practice Areas: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Banking Law, Maritime Law, Family Law and Labor Law. 

Professional Activities: Christos settled in Cyprus in 2009 and completed his law practice in Tassos Papadopoulos & Co LLC. He obtained his professional license in 2010 and became an active member of the Cyprus Bar Association. Christos afterwards worked as a Legal Associate Professional in Argyrou & Demosthenous LLC until 2020 where he dealt with Civil and Criminal Law matters as well as Banking Law, Maritime Law, Family Law and Labor Law. 

Christos is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, the Nicosia Bar Association and CCBE.

Foreign Languages: English


Danae Michael

Ms. Danae Michael was born in 1998 in Nicosia. Danae joined the Law Office in 2020 to undertake her pupillage. After successfully passing her Bar examinations of the Cyprus Bar Association in 2021, she became an Associate of the Law Office.

Education: Danae obtained her law degree from the Law Faculty of the University of Cyprus in 2020.


Practice Areas: Administrative Law, Immigration Law, Family Law, Civil Law.

Danae is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and the Nicosia Bar Association.


Foreign Languages: English and French


Andreas Filippou

Andreas was born in 1992 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He joined the firm as an associate in 2021. Andreas returned from his studies in 2015 and completed a one-year legal training at the Attorney General’s office of Cyprus. He successfully completed the Cyprus Bar examinations, obtained his professional license in 2016 and has been a member of the Cyprus Bar Association ever since. After his admission, he private practiced law before joining the firm in 2021.


Education: Andreas completed his law degree at Brunel University London in 2015 and then returned to practice law in Cyprus ever since.


Practice areas: Contract Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Trusts, Tort Law, EU Law, Land Law, Company Law, Banking Law, Law of Evidence and Intellectual Property Law.


Personal activities: Throughout his professional career Andreas has actively dealt with various areas of Law such as Criminal Law, Banking Law, Contract Law and International Human Rights Law.


Foreign Languages: Greek, English and Spanish


Takis L. Christodoulides

Consultant (ex-Partner)

Mr. Takis L. Christodoulides graduated from the American Academy in June 1947.


He worked in Public Service from 1947 to 1962, namely to the Department of Lands and Surveys and to the District Court Offices in Larnaca.

The year 1962 was appointed as Assistant Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver until the same year he was promoted to Superintendent of Companies and Official Receiver, a position he held for 36 consecutive years until retirement from the public service on 01/10/1988.

Mr. Christodoulides retired from the active legal practice in the year 2020, however he remains as an external consultant of the law office.

He specialize in the following areas:


- Registration and Management Companies Offshore and Domestic.

- Intellectual Property, i.e. Registering Trade Marks and Privileges Patent.

- Liquidation and insolvency.

- Commercial Law


Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor of Law, London.

Barrister of Law, Middle Temple, London

Practical Training Course of the Council of Land Education, London