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Comprehensive Services

Overall understanding and ability to handle all their requirements

Coherent solutions

Understanding of the consequences of the suggested decisions

Efficiency and cost reduction

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Christodoulides & Papaloizou & Matsas Law Firm

Christodoulides & Papaloizou & Matsas Law Firm has been advising clients in all areas of business law for more than 20 years. The law firm was established by Mr Takis Christodouledes (ex “Registrar of Companies” in the Republic of Cyprus) and we are proud to define ourselves as being corporate counsels: our lawyers server our clients by providing them with information and advice, and by defending their interests throughout an engagement. We are partners of middle market businesses, major groups, public authorities and non-profit organisations. We advise organizations in all business sectors, strengthened by our knowledge and our recognized expertise in international issues, and give priority to ongoing engagements.

  • Anticipate expectations and detect emerging requirements

  • Have in-depth knowledge of an organisation’s activities and business, as well as the economic and social environment

  • Develop and propose innovative solutions

  • Be available and be involved